Sterling Silver Twisted "Kura Kura Bangle" with Turtle and Garnet End Caps

Sterling Silver Twisted "Kura Kura Bangle" with Turtle and Garnet End Caps


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Introducing the Sterling Silver Twisted "Kura Kura Bangle" by Samuel B, a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the essence of the sea and the rich cultural heritage of Bali. This exquisite bangle features intricate turtle and garnet end caps, combining the enduring symbol of the sea turtle with the timeless allure of garnet.

Sea turtles are revered symbols of longevity, wisdom, and endurance. These majestic creatures have roamed the oceans for millions of years, embodying a serene and enduring spirit. In Balinese culture, the sea turtle, or "kura kura," is a powerful symbol of stability and protection, making this bangle not just a beautiful accessory but a meaningful talisman. Complementing the turtle motifs are garnet end caps, adding a touch of elegance and vibrancy to the design. Garnet, known for its deep red hue, is a stone of passion, vitality, and balance. It is believed to inspire love and devotion while bringing a sense of calm and stability. The combination of garnet with the sea turtle design creates a piece that is both striking and symbolic.

Samuel B is renowned for its dedication to creating handcrafted jewelry that reflects the spirit and artistry of Bali. Every piece is meticulously crafted by skilled Balinese artisans who use traditional techniques passed down through generations. This commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not only unique but also of the highest quality. The Sterling Silver Twisted "Kura Kura Bangle" exemplifies Samuel B's dedication to excellence and cultural authenticity. The twisted silver design adds a contemporary twist to a classic bangle, while the detailed turtle and garnet end caps showcase the intricate artistry that defines Balinese jewelry.

Adorn your wrist with the "Kura Kura Bangle" and carry with you the enduring spirit of the sea turtle and the vibrant energy of garnet. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Bali with Samuel B's exquisite collection.