On this night before Christmas

On this night before Christmas

On this night before Christmas, and all through our store,

The diamonds were brilliant like never before,
Gold earrings and pendants, silver and pearls,
And so many shoppers, mostly grown boys and girls.

A wall made of watches and another of games,
We know all your faces but not all of your names,
Greeted by smiles and fresh drinks from our staff,
We chat, share memories and talk of days past.

Red rubies, green emeralds and sapphires galore,
With new friends arriving and approaching the door,
New watches, pretty rings, and low prices to share,
For more than 40 years, we’ve known that you care.

So, on Christmas Eve when we then close our doors,
to spend time with our families, just like you will with yours,
We’re reminded of those who we’ll miss at this time,
It’s hard to believe so many years have gone by.

Our proud “Wall of Honor” saluting the Brave,
Our “Missing Man Table” honors those in their grave,
I think of the many who’ve passed on before,
They protected our peace, our land, and our shores.

And as I turn off the lights on this eve of great joy,
I can’t help but be thankful to those who deploy,
Tonight with my family, we’ll all say this prayer…
“See them home safely, they have family there”.

We are forever grateful to those who have served, do serve
and will serve…

Merry Christmas and Thank you!