“Diamond Jim’s Pineforest Jewelry Experience”, Coming Soon!


May 7, 2024 Houston, Texas—Pineforest Jewelry is excited to announce construction of its brand new 8,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind themed jewelry store located on the east side of Houston, Texas. “Diamond Jim’s PINEFOREST JEWELRY EXPERIENCE” is based on an 1800’s working gold mine complete with ore cart, rail tracks, a massive gold nugget, and lots of gold mining artifacts and memorabilia. This unique jewelry store concept, created by jewelry expert and businessman, Diamond Jim Mills, has been in the works for nearly 5 years. Having owned Pineforest Jewelry for the past 40 years, Jim and Linda Mills are well known nationwide within the jewelry industry. At 78 years old Diamond Jim remains more focused than ever to see his and Linda’s dream become reality.


Slated to open in the 4th quarter of 2024, “Diamond Jim’s Pineforest Jewelry Experience” promises a “WOW” experience to visitors. Entering the store you’ll walk into the beginning of a “gold mine” to reach the front doors. Inside the store, you’ll experience sights and sounds of the past, see amazing closeup activities such as pearl harvesting, diamond cutting, underground gold mining, and much more.   


Get construction progress photo and video updates by visiting Click on one of the construction pictures to see a pop-up of the architect’s video rendering showing an idea of what the new store will look like once completed.


In their youth Jim & Linda Mills invested their time, their meager resources, and their abilities into becoming entrepreneurs. They researched many businesses. The lure of gold and diamonds caught their attention. They began with learning how to manufacture jewelry, investing many, many hours into their new project which would become their livelihood. From this they learned how to repair jewelry. The next step was attending courses offered by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) on everything from diamonds and precious stones, to metallurgy, refining, appraising, and sales. Finally, it was time to take a huge leap of faith.


Jim purchased a large Russian ingot of pure 24K gold. This ingot was embossed with the Russian “Hammer & Sickle” emblem. This was of great importance to Jim. From a symbol of communism he would create his capitalist company. He alloyed that gold ingot to 14K, and manufactured several trays of rings and pendants, some with diamonds and others with precious stones. With his designs in hand, Jim ventured out into the world of business! And then the process of building a real business began to happen. He was soon overwhelmed.


On May 1, 1986, Jim and Linda opened Pineforest Jewelry, Inc. The business was an instant success. Giving customers a “WOW Experience” was a must in Jim and Linda’s minds. The reputation preceded any talk of Pineforest Jewelry. Three years later on a Christmas Eve… Jim and Linda witnessed customers lined up on the sidewalk, waiting in a line to enter the store in order to wait in still another line inside the store. In no time at all, Jim became the consummate diamond professional and since then has been referred to as "Diamond Jim".

When asked what was driving him to create the new store at his age, Diamond Jim said, "We owe our success to amazing employees and thousands of loyal customers over the years. We don't just create, repair, and sell jewelry. We take the time to educate our customers about the quality of the jewelry. We prefer to demonstrate the different levels of quality in diamonds and other precious stones. Our staff work with the customer to repurpose old jewelry and legacy pieces handed down through the generations.


I'm a lifelong member of Rotary International and our motto is "Service Above Self". I find it very rewarding to own a business in our community that people can trust. Our employees work hard to earn a living by being the best at what they do here at Pineforest Jewelry. We're taking this giant step forward to create a legacy for our community that we can all be proud of and to serve our customers for many years to come." 


Today, Pineforest Jewelry has gained the reputation of exceeding the expectations of customers from all over the country. With over 1,500 Five Star Google reviews Pineforest Jewelry stands far above the competition. Pineforest Jewelry is the number one rated jewelry store in Houston by “3 Best Rated”. Unique among jewelry stores, Diamond Jim’s Pineforest Jewelry is the Experience! Coming soon…