Is Thanksgiving just another day off work?

Is Thanksgiving just another day off work?

Many people will acknowledge and be thankful to someone who helped them during their lives such as a parent, a brother or sister, a boss who gave them an opportunity, a coworker who showed them a better way to do something, or a teacher who had a positive impact in their life. Some people will see this Thursday as simply a day off of work or school and offer no appreciation for anything or anyone, and that is their choice to make.

But there are a few people who will go above and beyond on this national holiday to help make someone else’s day just a little brighter, a little more special, or a bit thankful. Nearly everyone, at some point in their life, has helped a neighbor or a friend who was down on their luck. When someone we know hits a hard time in life, giving them a little help can help us as well. I do see acts of kindness each year and I sometimes wonder why that person is helping someone out. Is it because they truly care? Is it because they’re in need of hearing “thank you”? Or could it be that they would still help even if no one ever knew that they were the one who helped?

I think this is the time of year when we should all do something special for someone else and for no other reason than it will make us feel good because we did a good thing. It’s nice and a good thing to be selfless, and not be patient, and not be appreciative, and not be humble, and not arrogant.

Personally, I am sincerely Thankful for every customer who has come through our doors during the past (nearly) 40 years. It is an honor to be of service to each of you. Whether you’re getting a watch battery replaced or you’re making a sizable purchase, the fact that you are giving us this opportunity to serve you is so very much appreciated… Thank You!

Whatever Thanksgiving means to you, I hope you are near friends or loved ones who may share in your joy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!