What Is My Birthstone?

What Is My Birthstone?

Birthstones are gemstones that symbolize the birth month of a person. Gemstones are minerals chosen for their beauty and durability, then cut or faceted to make jewelry.

Birthstones Month by Month

January - Garnet

Garnet is admired for its fiery colors and the sparkle in all colors. Some believe that garnets are protective stones.

February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystalline form of quartz that comes in many colors. It has a hardness rating of 7, which means it's scratch-resistant and perfect for any jewelry. Amethyst is associated with spirituality, loyalty, and healing.

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the blue-to-blue-green member of the beryl family. It is named after the color of seawater. Some associate aquamarine with marital bliss, love and hope.

April - Diamond

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone choice among ring designs. With their extreme hardness, undeniable beauty and overall durability, diamonds are associated with strength and eternal love.

May -Emerald

Emerald in Greek means green stone. A fine emerald is a truly spectacular sight. Emerald is believed to give the wearer good fortune.

June – Pearl

The only gems found within living creatures; mollusks. However, most pearls are cultured or cultivated since they now rarely occur in nature. Pearl is naturally associated with honesty, purity and wisdom.

July – Ruby

One of the most famous traditional jewelry stones. Ruby is exceptionally durable and has vivid colors. Fine quality rubies are some of the most expensive stones. Rubies have long been associated with physicality and strength.

August – Peridot

Peridot has been valued as a gemstone since ancient times. The specific shade of peridot depends on its source and where it was formed. Peridots are believed to protect their wearer.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire has been valued throughout history for its intense blue color and phenomenal durability. However, not all sapphires are blue. Sapphire is believed to offer protection. 

October - Opal

Opals are unique and beautiful but require special care: they're the most delicate gemstone commonly worn. Opals are associated with love and passion.

November - Citrine

Citrine is a yellow-to-red-orange variety of crystalline quartz, which has recently enjoyed increased popularity. Citrine is associated with health and happiness.

December - Blue Topaz

In its natural state, topaz is pale or colorless. This gemstone must be subjected to laboratory processes to make it vivid greenish blue. Blue topazes are both beautiful and inexpensive. Blue topaz is popularly associated with wealth.


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