What Is an Old Mine Cut Diamond?

What Is an Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Diamonds that date from the middle of the 1800s to the early 1900s are known as old mine cuts. Old mine cut diamonds are the antique equivalent of modern cushion cut diamonds. Old mine cuts date back to when diamonds were cut and polished by hand.

Visual Characteristics of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

  • Thick girdle and a huge culet size.
  • Squarish girdle with soft, curved edges.
  • Broad, uneven facets and an imperfect symmetry.
  • 58 facets.
  • A relatively small table, like all antique diamonds.
  • Most old mine-cut diamonds have a large polished culet.
  • A high crown and deep pavilion.

The History of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine cut diamonds have been around for centuries. Old mine cut diamonds originated in the "old mines" of Brazil and India in the early 18th century before the newer African mines were discovered.

Since old mine cuts were discovered long before diamond cutters had the technology they do now, the dimensions of these antique diamonds were measured and cut by hand. Old mine cuts glitter nicely in various lighting settings since they were cut by lamplight.

Reasons to Purchase an Old Mine Cut Diamond

  • More personality than brilliant cuts.
  • Tend to have a better shine than contemporary diamonds.
  • Offer a timeless allure, just like other vintage diamonds.
  • Complement a variety of settings and styles beautifully.
  • Less expensive than modern diamonds.

Purchasing an Old Mine Cut Diamond

If you love antique jewelry, an old mine cut stone would be perfect for you. An old mine cut is also a more sustainable choice since it saves the environment from the negative effects of mining a new diamond.

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