What Is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

What Is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

Unlike many diamond cuts that get their names from their shapes, Asscher cut diamonds derive their names from a fascinating historical appellation. An Asscher cut diamond is an octagonal vintage-style diamond that features a deep pavilion with a high crown. The cut, also known as the square emerald, has a square shape when viewed from above and has cut corners to let light flood into it.

Key Features of an Asscher Cut Diamond

  • The traditional Asscher cut has 58 facets, while the Royal Asscher cut has 74 facets.
  • Asscher cut diamonds have straight-edged facets.
  • An Asscher cut diamond has its equal-sized corners cropped, giving the stone an almost octagonal shape.
  • The Asscher cut is characterized by a high crown and significant step facets.
  • The stone table is flat, allowing for an unobstructed view of the center of the stone.

History of Asscher Cut Diamonds 

Asscher-cut diamonds were first popularized during the Art Deco period of the 1920s. Joseph Asscher designed and patented the first Asscher cut diamond, which he later named after himself. The cut evoked the style and art of the time. This is evidenced by its portrayal of a geometric shape, clean lines, and stylish appearance.

In the early 2000s, the Royal Asscher Company modified the cut by adding two additional rows of eight facets to the base of each stone, for a total of 74 facets in the cut. The upgraded cut was patented as the "Royal" Asscher cut. The increased number of facets enables the stone to catch more reflected light, thus highlighting the stone's brilliance.

Why You Should Choose an Asscher Cut Diamond 

  • The cut has additional grandness and light performance.
  • The cut is a symbol of elegance and class.
  • It has an alluring vintage, Art Deco look.
  • The diamond has a magnificent appearance thanks to its high steps, which let in a lot of light.
  • The cut enhances the main stone's sparkle and is ideal for a square halo setting.


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