What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

Radiant cut diamonds are a hybrid cut that combines the best qualities of step cuts and brilliant cuts. A radiant cut diamond mimics a round brilliant diamond's intense fire and brilliance but in a square or rectangle shape with trimmed corners.

Characteristics Of a Radiant Cut Diamond

  • A radiant cut diamond has 70 facets set in a brilliant cut arrangement.
  • Radiant cut diamonds can take a square or rectangular shape.
  • A radiant cut diamond has a great deal of vibrancy and brilliance because of its many facets.
  • A radiant cut diamond features a big table that lets more light come in and reflect out, producing a stunning, brilliant shine.
  • Radiant cut diamonds have beveled edges cut at a 45° angle.
  • Radiant cut diamonds have the same flash and brilliance as a round diamond cut but in a square or rectangular cut.

History of Radiant Cut Diamonds

The first rectangular diamond cut with brilliant facets was the radiant diamond. When Henry Grossbard developed a cutting technique that combined the best elements of emerald and round diamond shapes in 1977, a lot of expertise and excellence went into it.

Radiant cut diamonds became a success in the 1980s due to their ability to combine the beauty of step cuts with the sparkle of round brilliant cuts. The invention of the radiant cut led to the growth of interest in square and rectangular diamond shapes.

Why Choose a Radiant Cut Diamond

  • Radiant cut diamonds offer outstanding brilliance, sparkle, and fire.
  • The cut corners of a radiant cut diamond can safely be set in various prong settings.
  • Radiant cut diamonds have superb color saturation.
  • When it comes to shape and style, radiant cut diamonds are highly versatile.
  • With fewer radiant cuts available, it is a unique diamond cut.

Are you considering a less traditional diamond for your engagement ring? A radiant cut diamond offers a more modern diamond shape. Contact us today if you want to discuss purchasing a radiant cut diamond with one of our experts. We will assist you in selecting a suitable stone and setting for your engagement ring.