What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

A clarity-enhanced diamond is any gemstone that has undergone artificial enhancement to increase its clarity. Clarity-enhanced diamonds undergo an intricate procedure to eliminate their natural "flaws" and increase their visual clarity.  When a diamond is improved, its apparent imperfections are concealed, and its natural beauty is increased to make it look more alluring than untreated natural diamonds.

How Is A Diamond’s Clarity Enhanced?

The two methods used to enhance the clarity of stones are:

1. Fracture filling

Fracture filling involves the injection of a glass-like substance into the fissure to remove the empty spaces left after inclusion removal. With this, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the repair made on clarity-enhanced diamonds, since the material used has the same visual and deflection as mined diamonds.

2. Laser drilling

This technique eliminates tiny flaws within diamond structures to increase their optical clarity. A narrow passage is drilled with a laser beam from its exterior to the internal inclusion. Acidic chemicals like sulfuric acid are later inserted through the narrow passage to dissolve and bleach their color.

How To Tell If It Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

  • Viewing it under a gemological microscope shows a faint or strong neon shade left by the filling process.
  • By checking the diamond's certificate footnote, you can know if it is an enhanced diamond.
  • It exhibits a pink sparkle when you hold and expose it to light.
  • A close look at the stone reveals the drill lines that don't match the diamond's original pattern.

Why Should You Choose A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

  • Clarity-enhanced diamond is affordable. You will save 30% to 50% that you would use in buying a natural, untreated diamond with the same quality and carat weight.
  • The diamond will reflect more shine after improved clarity, giving it more brilliance and fire than untreated diamonds.
  • Its carat weight is higher than untreated diamonds.
  • However treated, clarity-enhanced diamonds are still very genuine and extracted from natural sources like other diamonds.


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