The power of three

The power of three

The power of three. The anatomy of a Rolex, part 3

This is the “Triplock” winding crown from Rolex. It is equipped with an innovative system they introduced in 1970 on the Sea-Dweller: a “triple lock” that creates three sealed zones. As early as 1926, their Oyster case came with a screw-down crown to prevent what “can” happen: water, sweat or dust entering the watch.

Then, in 1954, Rolex conceived the Twinlock winding crown and its added waterproof barrier to counter what “could” happen: for instance, a rare incident which could compromise a gasket during a dive. As for their Triplock winding crown, it was created to face what purely “can’t” happen: the crown somehow unscrewing itself at 11,000 meters (36,090 feet) below the surface… Hence, whatever the depth, Rolex sealed their watches from the impossible.

Credit to Rolex for the content of this article

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