Finding the Perfect Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Finding the Perfect Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Despite more choices and variety than ever before, diamonds remain the most popular main stone in engagement rings. Timeless and classic, a diamond is the center gem that is most durable and full of romance and tradition. With so many custom ring designs, many people are looking for tips for finding the perfect diamond for an engagement ring. It can be overwhelming for first-time shoppers–which most people are–so read on to find out more.

An engagement ring is one of the greatest purchases you will ever make, and hopefully only once in your life, so you would like to make sure that you are doing it right. Expense-wise, an engagement ring is often the third most expensive purchase that you will make, after a home and car, but more importantly, you want the ring to reflect your love for your partner.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Before making your decision, here are some tips you need to consider to ensure you purchase the perfect ring for your partner–one that they will treasure forever.

Diamond Shape

When selecting an engagement ring, the shape is where you should start. All else aside, this is where you should try to gauge your partner’s preferences. Carat, color, and clarity are less obvious, but the wrong shape can wreck a piece in someone’s eyes, unfortunately. Round diamonds are still the most popular due to their maximum sparkle, but other shapes that follow in popularity are princess, cushion, oval, and emerald. Again, since it’s such a matter of preference, try your best to find out the shape your partner loves.


After shape, size is one of the most visually apparent aspects of a diamond. Be fair with yourself and set a budget. If size is the most important thing to you, then maybe you compromise a little bit on clarity and color in order to get a higher-carat diamond. While most buyers approximate the weight of the diamond based on the carat, you can inquire for more indications of the actual dimensions to get a certain look, depending on the shape.

Color and Clarity

Color and clarity are the often-understated characteristics that you need to consider before making a purchase. Although individuals have varying levels of ability when it comes to being able to distinguish color differences with the naked eye, the most common color grades for engagement rings are F-H color. Generally, they are broken down into ranges: D-F is colorless, G-J is near colorless, K-M is faint, N-R is very light, and S-Z is light (‘colorless’ being the highest quality and most expensive and ‘light’ being the lesser quality, least expensive).

Ask a Professional

We hope these tips for finding the perfect diamond for an engagement ring have helped, but if you are starting to feel overwhelmed about finding the perfect ring that will truly represent your love and commitment to your partner–don’t worry. Pineforest Jewelry has you covered! We have a variety of high-quality diamonds that are ethically sourced, and we can meet various customer requests. We carefully select diamonds based on your desired shape, size, color, and clarity to ensure you get the greatest value for your hard earned money. Contact us today if you are looking for more advice!

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