Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

You have the perfect proposal planned out for your partner and have spent weeks at a time planning the perfect dinner where you intend on asking for your partner to marry you. The very anticipated night is finally here and you pop the question! You finally breathe a sigh of relief when your partner agrees to marry and as you slide that ring on the finger, you feel devastated. It doesn’t fit. Maybe it is too small or maybe it is too big. The ring is not a perfect fit and you find yourself wondering whether it can be resized! Thankfully, most engagement rings with simple band designs can be resized without any issues. 

Reasons To Get Engagement Rings Resized

It is hard to find a perfect fit for an engagement ring, and even if you do find the perfect fit, our fingers change over time, and resizing an engagement ring might be our only option. There are different issues that might determine if you need your ring resized including the following:

  • The ring constantly spins around on your finger
  • The ring is impossible to take off, meaning it is too small
  • The ring slips off
  • The ring is impossible to put on

Sizing Up

In general, most engagement rings can be sized up. This can be done by a professional jeweler who will cut the ring at the bottom. After making the cut, the jeweler can then add whatever metal your ring is made of to make a sort of extension of your ring. 

Sizing Down

Similar to what jewelers do to size up, in order to make an engagement ring smaller they will have to cut out a piece of metal from the bottom of your ring and then attach the two pieces together. Both sizing up and sizing down are very precise processes and must be done by professionals to avoid any damage to your ring. 

What Rings Can’t Be Resized

Although most rings can be resized, engagement rings that have stones all around them cannot, with rare exception, be resized. This is because there really isn’t any bare metal to work with. There needs to be an interruption between diamonds so that the ring can be cut and either sized up or sized down. In general, you can resize a ring that is up to two sizes bigger or smaller but anything more than that can be difficult and requires even more expertise. 

When finding the perfect engagement ring, it is important that you get a ring that is as close to the exact size as you want. Work with a capable, trusted jeweler who knows how to properly resize rings in gold, silver, and platinum. At Pineforest Jewelry, our 40 years of expertise are at your service.