SS CZ Hoop Earrings

SS CZ Hoop Earrings


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SS Bonded w/Platinum Lafonn Lassaire 1.08ctTW Hoop Earring Pair

The quality of your Lassaire simulated diamond is guaranteed for as long as you own it. If a stone is defective due to workmanship, it will be replaced at no additional charge. Your Lafonn jewelry id covered by "Limited Lifetime Warranty" against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear, negligence or abuse is not covered. Lafonn fine jewelry must be treated like all of your fine jewelry and not exposed to harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, or worn in situations that are likely to cause damage. Your Lafonn jewelry should be cleaned with mild liquid soap or commercial jewelry cleaner and water. Gently dry with a soft cloth. Make sure it is dry, and store each item in an air-tight bag to prevent pieces from potential scratching and tarnishing when not worn.

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