GemOro Black 1.2 Quart Ultrasonic

GemOro Black 1.2 Quart Ultrasonic


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Powerful but small European Ultrasonic!

Our attractive, European-designed all-black ultrasonic is constructed out of contoured durable ABS. With its ideal capacity of 1.2 quarts and low cost, this makes a great backup ultrasonic.

-Advanced digital control system (ADCS)
-Digital control timer
-Stainless steel 1.2-Quart sized tank
-Voltage: 110V/120V NOTE: This machine is designed to be used in the USA (110V/120V countries)
-High-performance transducers
-Removable full-size basket
-Evaporation-resistant tight-close cover
-Uses water or combined water and household soap solution