Video Calls for Pineforest

Real time video calls.

Our specialists can now show you our jewelry and give advice in real-time thanks to the new video call feature designed especially for shopping. 

Face2 video call - Just a click away

You can find the Face2 button on every product page. This button enables a live video connection with our staff so you can have an in-store-like experience.

No app needed

No registration or app is required to start the call. Just one click on the Face2 button located on our website next to each product.

Privacy is no joke

We care deeply about your privacy. The call is one-way, meaning that you can see us, but we can't see you until you choose to be seen by turning your camera on at any time during the call. We also can’t call you back. Ever.

This service is of course free of charge.

Make the right choice

Description and photos can be helpful, of course. But seeing jewelry live can be just what you need to ensure you are making the right choice. During the call, you can discuss all your requirements and wishes so our staff can offer you pieces appropriate for the occasion and best matching your style.

Amplifying your experience

Our relationship and service don’t end after you buy our jewelry. Should you have a problem or need a repair, you can rely on us. We’ll discuss your needs over a video call so we can effectively and efficiently access the problem.

Try shopping over the video call yourself by clicking here.