Mark Schneider: Smithsonian Tanzanite

This beautiful tanzanite gemstone is set in an award-winning platinum and diamond ring designed by Mark Schneider. In 1967, violet-blue crystals of the mineral zoisite were discovered in Tanzania. Tiffany & Co. marketed the new zoisite gems under the name Tanzanite, and since its discovery, the gem has steadily increased in popularity and value. This fancy-cut triangular tanzanite gem exhibits the prized deep sapphire-blue color with highlights of intense violet. This extraordinary ring is the first piece of tanzanite jewelry accessioned into the National Gem Collection. Smithsonian Collecion.                

JCK Jewelers Choice Awards

2010 - Contemporary Jewelry Over $1,000 (1">st Place)

Contemporary Opal Ring (DS2009-4)

-Best Bridal Design under $2,500 (1st Place)

Clarity (19055)

-Best Bridal Design Over $10,000 (1st Place)

Nancy’s Ring

-Men’s Jewelry Over $1,000 (1st Place)

Star Sapphire Ring (DS2008-1)

2008 - Men’s Jewelry Category over $3,000

Spessartite Garnet Ring (DS2007-1)

-Earring Design over $10,000

Green Tourmaline Earrings (DS2007-3)

Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad

Best in Platinum Exhibit 2009-2010 – Neptune

Best of the Best Exhibit 2002-2003 – 11 pieces on display

Platinum Honors Award Winner

2010 – Elusive Spessartite Garnet (DS2010-2)

2009 – Neptune (DS2009-2)

2005 – Elite Emerald Ring (DS1215)

Pristine Jade Ring (19200)

2003 – Majestic Pearl (DS1204)

Princess Blue-Green Tourmaline (DS1202)

Exquisite Tanzanite (DS1206)

Galaxy Quartz Cufflinks (DS1205)

2002 – Noble Tanzanite (DS1197)

Superb Tsavorite Ring (DS1193)

2001 - Smithonian Tanzanite (?)

2000 – Magnificent Tanzanite (DS954)

1999 – Faceted Tanzanite Ring (DS1172)

Saul Bell Awards

2009 – Finalist Gold/Platinum Category

-Contemporary Opal Ring (DS2009-4)

Golden Globes

2009 – 66th annual Golden Globes

-Mindy Kaling – Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office - Aquamarine ring (19205)

-David Blue – Cliff on ABC’s Ugly Betty – Rotating Cufflinks (DS1209)

JQ International Magazine Designer of the Year 2008

Manufacturer Jewelers & Silversmiths Association (MJSA) - American Vision Award

2008 - 2nd Place Natural Color Diamond Distinction

Contemporary Natural Diamond (DS2008-5)

2004 - 1st Place Platinum Distinction

Onyx Base Pearl Ring (?)

2002 – 1st Place Professional Category

Dynasty (DS1198)

Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (CJDG) – Designer of the Year 2007

American Gem Trade Association – Spectrum Award Winner


2006 – 1st Place Men’s Wear

Regal Tanzanite (?)

3rd Place Business Daywear

Voyage Onyx Pendant (?)

2005 - 1st Place Men’s Wear

Rotating Black Faceted Pearl Cufflinks ‘Orbit’ (DS1209)

2003 – 1st Place Casual Wear

Princess Blue-Green Tourmaline (DS1202)

2nd Place Evening Wear

Exquisite Tanzanite (DS1206)

Honorable Mention Men’s Wear

Galaxy Quartz Cufflinks (DS1205)

2002 – 2nd Place Men’s Division

Noble Tanzanite (DS1197)

-2nd Place Bridal Division

Royal Tanzanite (DS1194)

2001 – 1st Place Division 1

Exquisite Black Pearl (15176)

1998 – 1st Place Division 1 – Over $10,000

Eclipse Bolo Neck Tie

1994 – 1st Place Division 3, $2,000-$5,000

Moon River Tanzanite (?)

-2nd Place Division 3, $2,000-$5,000

Sunset Citrine Quartz Pin (?)

American Gem Trade Association – Spectrum Awards 2004 Judge

Smithsonian Institution Permanent Display 2001

Gem & Mineral Gallery, Washington DC

Tanzanite Ring (?)

Platinum Guild International – Featured Designer of the Year 2001

Tahitian Pearl Trophy Contest 2001

Honorable Mention

Day & Night Pearl (DS1201)

American Gem Society (AGS)

Excellence in Color Gemstone Design




Colored Gemstone Design Award 2000

(Shapes Bracelet)

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Gem Exhibit 1999-2001

De Beers Diamonds – International Awards 1998

Honoring 30 designers out of 2280

The sketches were ‘inadvertently destroyed in the transportation process between Paris and New York"

American Gem Trade Association – Cutting Edge Award 1997

-Citrine and Black Onyx Shield cut by Steve Walters; entered by Mark Schneider

-The Piece was put into the Bolo Necktie

Jewelers of America (JA) – New Designer of the Year 1996

De Beers – Diamonds of Distinction 1991

Honors Earrings

Honors Ring