What difference does it make?

Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 at 12:27 pm by Diamond Jim


Everyone in the U.S. needs to see this...

They took these photos to show what they were doing to him while bragging to their cohorts.

That is a cattleprod they are using at this time after he was set on fire.

The horrific torture this man had to endure should be a reminder to those who admire / support Hillary.


Perhaps if she had just "some" of those things done to her, she would understand.........."What Difference Does It Make"?

How could anyone ever say, "What difference does it make?!” after seeing what these sick animals did to our people.


Some folks may be bored by keeping this story alive, but looking at the crowd doing this and

planning for the future (What does it matter? ) the memory needs to be kept alive.