Well... I certainly feel safer now! How about you?

Posted on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at 10:43 am by Jim

Yesterday I was preparing for a business flight to Orlando. I decided that because Continental now only offers low quality food that must be purchased, I would purchase some sandwiches... and chips and spinach dip... at Kroger before the flight. As Linda and I were processed through the demeaning process at the airport, I had a TSA agent tell me that my small jar of spinach dip could not be allowed through. Two huge sandwiches of egg salad and ham and cheese passed. However, alas, the spinach dip did not. I asked if the spinach dip would pass if removed from the jar. He replied that it would. So I asked if I could remove it from the jar and place it in the bag. He said no. I asked why. He said I could do so; however, it would force me to go through the entire process again. This is the problem with government, bureaucracy, and the total lack of common sense today. I told him to have the dip for lunch. And I asked him if he would like some crackers to go with it. Reminds me of the time the TSA agents confiscated my nose hair trimmers... and Linda's shampoo! By the way... there was no question about the titanium in Linda's left leg, or the titanium in mine. Well... I certainly feel safer now! How about you?