Venetian Fortunelles

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 10:11 am by Diamond Jim

A Life of Good Fortune Fired in Flecks of 24KT Gold

The history of Venetian Fortunelles is one of Nobility. Beautiful Magnificent Colors… and a lifetime of Good Fortune. From the earliest days of Venice, only Italian Nobility were permitted to wear the world’s most beautiful colors embroidered in their fine brocades and satins. Now you can adorn yourself with these seven colors, representing the most important elements of the human soul and spirit. As Italian legend had it, “A life of good fortune will follow you, when you wear the colors of ‘Venetian Fortunelles’ fired in flecks of 24kt Gold.” For $125.00.

“Adriatic Blue” – Calm & Intellect … color of the Sky, the Calming Sea… and the Wisdom of the Universe.

“Murano Violet” – Spirituality & Creativity …embodies the balance of the red’s stimulation and blue’s calming  properties. It will bring ‘Creativity’ to your life.

“Venetian Green” – Success and Fertility… represents the Spirit of Financial success, Fertility and well being.

“Roman Gold” – Good Luck… will bring you Joy, Optimism, Happiness and Luck.

“Tuscan Teal” – Health … The Color of Life… Youth … and Good Health.

“Capri Coral” – Love … this color represents Love, Splendor and Colors of the Heart.

“Titan Red” – Passion… brings you Energy. Protection, and a Joyous Life filled with Wonder.