This patient was in for a shock!

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 6:21 pm by Diamond Jim


The Northshore Rotary Club in Houston presents weekly programs for its members.  At one of our meetings a speaker showed us the new defibrillators being used on airlines and in many public buildings. These computerized kits are allowing the lives of many people in the throes heart attacks to be saved by random bystanders with no prior experience.  The speaker asked for a Rotarian volunteer to help demonstrate the correct procedure on a CPR dummy laid on the table next to the podium.  I volunteered the new president of our club who was sitting next to the speaker.  I also identified him as a local general practitioner.  The speaker was elated to have a doctor helping with the demonstration.  The doctor swiftly and assuredly took his place behind the dummy on the table as instructed.  The speaker pointed to the dummy, “This person has passed out, and apparently is not breathing!”  This, of course, was a call to action for the doctor to perform the demonstration.  Little did we know the shock this dummy was in for!  The speaker enthusiastically asked the doctor what was to be done first.  Without hesitation the doctor immediately assumed a face to face position over the dummy, deftly placed his hands on the dummy’s sternum, and loudly yelled into the dummy’s face, “WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR HMO?”