The Dish Network Abuse Continues

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 10:09 am by Diamond Jim

dish_network_broken.pngYesterday, New Year’s Day, I was called by yet another jerk from Dish Network.  Tim was as uncaring, adamant, and rude as Chris was previously.  Tim refused to provide me with any information as to where he was located.  Rather than to try to solve the problem, he actually attempted to override me and restate what the previous jerk stated.  He attempted to totally control the conversation, explaining what the parameters of the conversation would be, and did absolutely nothing to try to rectify the situation.  He only continued with his frontal assault on me regarding his claim that Dish is going to charge me more for commercial service… regardless of the fact that the service is in a residence.  Dish Network’s formality in losing me as a customer is worse than anything I have ever seen.  For a company of this size to handle an account in this manner is corporate suicide.  I am cancelling 4 receivers at this location, am cancelling a receiver at another residence, and will NOT install Dish at my condo.  The last few days of this year have been extremely frustrating regarding this Dish Network fiasco.  It has been as if Dish is in dire need of income right now, and has put these insolent rejects in charge of fleecing everyone they possibly can.  The shame is that this was done at the end of the year… during holidays… and seems to have been done at this time on purpose.  Otherwise, why would Dish call on a Friday afternoon prior to the holidays?  They did this in order to create the most turbulence and frustration they could possibly muster at a time when most folks would be utilizing the service.  I surmise most would be willing to pay and accept the fleecing without saying anything further in order to have access to their satellite TV.  I am not! Unfortunately, rather than attempting to find a solution, these idiots only succeeded in losing 5 receivers, another potential installation, and at least three other new accounts which I have personally prevented Dish from opening.  This is the ONLY way to make huge corporations such as this pay any attention.  They must be hit in the wallet!  I am only getting started here.  The focus on them will be relentless.  I hope all of you do the same. Contact Dish Network at