Rolex... fun facts to know...

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 10:27 am by Diamond Jim

rolex_movement.jpg">How many parts does it take to make a Rolex?


Fun things to ask your Rolex repairman BEFORE letting him work on your watch:
1)   Does the repairman perform work according to Rolex standards?  (if he does not know what the basic procedures are... leave.)

2)  Does the repairman own a hydrometer? (Must be checked for waterproof after COA.  If he has none... leave.)

3)  Does the repairman own a timing machine?  (Must be checked in all positions after COA.  If he has none... leave.)

4)  Does the repairman own a case back remover?  (NOT the hand held type.  If he has none... leave.)

5)  Does the repairman perform a complete or partial disassemble?  (Partial is generally unacceptable and there will be no guarantee.  If he does not tell you that his prices are not for a partial BEFORE you ask... leave.)

6)  Does the repairman replace the mainspring with a COA?  (This is required procedure, same as replacing a timing belt or chain on an auto engine overhaul.  This is standard Rolex procedure.  If he does not replace the mainspring... leave.)

7)  Does the repairman replace all gaskets with a COA?  (If he does not... leave.)

8)  Does the repairman provide a factory refinish with the COA?  (Most do not, and most cannot provide “factory” refinishing anyway.  If you want factory refinishing... leave.)

9)  Does the repairman provide a one year warranty?  (If not... leave.)

10)  Does the repairman list model & case numbers at take in?  (If not... leave.)

11)  Does the repairman subscribe to the Specht Sheet for date and value at take in?  (This is THE guide for determining age and value.  If he cannot determine value for insurance purposes... leave.  Chances are he has no insurance on your watch.)

12)  Does the repairman count the screws in the bracelet at take in?  (If not you can lose valuable links to bracelet, especially on DateJust bracelets.  So if he does not count screws, or at least weigh the watch... leave.)

13)  How many oils and how many lubricants are used in the COA? (3 & 2... 3 & 3 if one counts the lube on the back gasket.)

14)  How many jewels are in the Rolex DateJust watch?  (27-31 depending upon the caliber of the movement.)

15)  What are reverser gears?  (Rolex contains double reverser gears to wind mainspring.  This is basic knowledge.  If he does not know... leave.)

16)  What color are the gears?  (From pinkish-purple to red.  Again, this is basic knowledge.  If he does not know... leave.)

17)  How many seconds tolerance per day to consider a Rolex as being in time?  (A Chronometer should keep time to -4/+6 seconds a day.  If he has no timer, chances are he will not even know this... so... LEAVE!  At this point you should already be in your vehicle... heading to Diamond Jim at Pineforest Jewelry.)

18)   How many parts does it take to make a Rolex movement?  (At least 115… just in the movement!  See the video above...)