Rand Paul for Liberty and Limited Government

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 6:01 pm by Diamond Jim

The 114th Congress has convened.

And for the first time in eight years, Harry Reid no longer calls the shots in the U.S. Senate.

The American people elected Republicans to chart a new course and restore the time-tested principles of liberty and limited government in America.

And I'm going to answer the call.

On day one, I will fight to BLOCK Barack Obama's Executive Amnesty. I'll fight to REPEAL ObamaCare 100% -- every last word of it.

And I'll fight to rein in the NSA, Audit the Fed, protect worker freedom and restore the limited government principles you and I hold dear.

But if I'm going to hit the ground running, Diamond Jim, I need to know you're with me every step of the way.

That's why I'm counting on you to stand with me in this fight by adding your name as a "Citizen Co-Sponsor" to the major offensive charges I'm going to lead in the new Congress.

You see, I've been called the Democrats' NUMBER ONE enemy by the press.

And there's good reason for that.

The voters soundly rejected Barack Obama and his liberal polices at the ballot box, proving the American people are insisting on a return to Constitutional principles.

The press and political pundits know our movement standing for principle is our best chance to WIN in 2016.

And they know that's exactly what I'll do.

There's nothing -- no election result or partisan bickering in Washington -- that can shake me from these principles and values.

And with you by my side as a Citizen Co-Sponsor, I plan to earn the title of being the Democrats' #1 enemy by leading a major offensive in the new Congress to:

>>> BLOCK Executive Amnesty.

President Obama's unconstitutional power grab violates the separation of powers established by our founding document.

The Constitution is clear that legislative power resides in Congress.

The President is not a king.

You and I must STOP Barack Obama's "Executive Amnesty" dead in its tracks by passing my legislation designed to block President Obama's unconstitutional "Executive Amnesty."

>>> REPEAL ObamaCare 100%.

As a practicing ophthalmologist for 17 years -- specializing in cataract and glaucoma surgeries, LASIK procedures and corneal transplants -- the ObamaCare issue angers me like few others.

The millions of Americans who were stripped of their health insurance or choice of doctors did not kick Democrats out of office to chip around the edges of ObamaCare.

I'm ready to lead the fight to repeal every word of ObamaCare.

>>> END Illegal NSA Domestic Spying.

Last year, we learned President Obama's NSA was collecting billions of emails and phone calls from law-abiding American citizens literally every day.

Our Fourth Amendment is on the brink of total destruction.

And I truly fear where the United States could be headed unless you and I put an end to government's out-of-control spying on American citizens.

In the new Congress I'll fight to pass my Fourth Amendment Protection Act, which would stop arbitrary data collection on American citizens without a warrant.

And I'll continue fighting a class-action lawsuit, which I hope will result in an end to this madness.

>>> AUDIT the FED.

The Federal Reserve's endless cycle of "print-now-ask-questions-later" drove the economy into a ditch preventing any chance of real recovery.

The Fed's policies hurt the poor and middle class the most by boosting the costs of goods and services.

Yet to this day the Federal Reserve is one of the most secretive institutions in our nation.

For two years in a row, Audit the Fed passed the U.S. House with overwhelming BIPARTISAN support. But Harry Reid flat-out refused to allow a vote in the Senate.

Now that voters have fired Harry Reid and elected Republicans to lead, it's high time to crack open the Fed's books and catalogue the damage done to our economy by passing Audit the Fed.

>>> END Forced Unionism.

For nearly 70 years -- with our federal government's blessing -- Big Labor bosses have mocked our Constitution and strangled our economy as they've built a massive political empire on the backs of hardworking Americans.

These workers' FORCED union dues -- confiscated by union bosses under the threat of outright job termination -- have bankrolled tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for decades.

Big Labor's billions are at the root of every Big Government attack on our liberty.

Every American who has any interest in Freedom has a stake in the fight over a National Right to Work Act.

I'll fight to pass my National Right to Work Act and END forced union dues in America once and for all.

Of course, these aren't fights that will be won overnight.

But they're fights you and I MUST fight -- starting right NOW!

Will you stand and fight with me by adding your name as a "Citizen Co-Sponsor?"

Senator Rand Paul