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Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 2:27 pm by Diamond Jim

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Christine: Thank you for chatting with Overnight Prints. How can I provide you with excellent service today?

Michael: Hi

Michael: My question is this how much is it for a box of notepads 4.25 x 5.5?

Christine: What QTY are you looking for?

Michael: Equivalent to 10 rims of paper that come in a box.

Christine: We only offer the quantities listed on the site, we do not print offer "per ream".

Michael: Ok, Hold on let me ask my boss.

Christine: ok

Michael: This is Diamond Jim. If there are 500 sheets per ream, and 10 reams per box, and we are running these 4 up... then you should be able to calculate how many I want... correct?  :-)

Justin: An 8.5x11 sheet of paper would only hold two up not four up, so thats 1000 per 500 sheets, so you need a quantity of 10k.

Michael: But we want to run these 4 up, not 2 up.

Christine: Unfortunately we are limited to the quantities, and sizes listed on the site. We do not offer custom cuts or amounts.

Michael: Thank you. Bye.

Christine: Thank you for chatting and for choosing Overnight Prints. Have a great day!

Michael: But I didn't choose Overnight Prints because of the problem. I think maybe I need to be bumped up to the supervisor?

Christine: I can provide your information to our on call supervisor and have someone contact you back shortly. What is your phone #?

Justin: Looking at your request, it would seem that you would like 20k 4.25x5.5 greeting notepads, is this correct?

Justin: Pricing is listed on the product page under product details and varies slightly as it is session based, for this quantity however it is roughly $ 23,157.50 with some slight variance depending on what buttons you have clicked on.

Justin: This does not include shipping.

Justin: If you provide your postal code I can pull available shipping options for you as well.

Michael: Just so you and I are on the same page, am I incorrect in understanding that 4.25x5.5 pads would be run 4 up (not 2 up) and would NOT be a custom cut? Also, 4 up x 500/ream = 2,000 x 10 reams/box = 20,000? Right? and this is Diamond Jim, Michael's supervisor...

Justin: That is not exactly how we print, we are a gang run printer, so it is not just your order that gets printed on a run. We print by quantity, I merely broke down the sizing of a standard 8.5x11 sheet as you are refering to reems in order to get the product quantity that you are seeking.

Justin: Since we are discussing 4.25x5.5 pads, two will roughly fit on a sheet and not four, if we printed on regular reems of paper.

Michael: You seem to be restating the obvious. How about giving me a price based on 20,000 4.24x5.5 sheets, bound in 50-page pads? Diamond Jim

Justin: I gave you the rough estimate for 20,000 4.25x5.5 notepads, that rough estimate is. $ 23,157.50

Justin: The exact price may slightly differ as our pricing is session based.

Justin: If you go here, ">http://www.overnightprints.com/notepads

Justin: Click on the pricing link under product details.

Justin: You will see our largest quantity is 10,000, multiply the number by two, and that will be your print cost, based on your session.

Michael: OK. Let's get real. I think common sense is going to prevail at some point here. There is no way that one box of paper, printed in notepads of 50 sheets each, is going to cost ANYONE ANYWHERE $23,157.50! Would you please bump this request up another level? Thanks. Diamond Jim

Justin: What is your phone number?

Justin: Diamond Jim, please provide your phone number so I may have a lead call you.

Michael: 713-451-1321... Office Depot sells a 10-ream case of paper for about $33. So your printing charges are figured at about $23,127.50? Hey, guys... please call me... :-)

Justin: You will receive a call shortly

Justin: Thank you for chatting.

Agent has ended this chat

Deb received a call from Ken on 09-10-12: 

"Ken called this morning, leaving a message that stated for 20,000 note pads, the quote IS correct: $23,000.

In comparison to Office Depot, they charge $22,500 for B&W; $135,000 for color.

You may return his call at 888-905-1596."  

I spoke to Ken - after clarifying exactly what is wanted, he did admit there was miscommunication.

They do not go by number of sheets to be printed -  as that is not how they receive their product.

The paper OverNight Prints uses comes in sheet sizes so huge, they can cover a conference table.

We are ordering 400 pads

Total: $598.55

WOW!  From $23,157.50 to $598.55!!!  Is the gene for common sense being bred out of human kind?