Michael Brown's Stepfather Inciting Violence

Posted on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 at 4:52 pm by Diamond Jim

‘Burn This Bitch Down!’: Mike Brown’s Step-Dad Caught on Vid Inciting Violence, and Here’s How the Family Attorney Responded...


Tears turned to rage on Monday night as Michael Brown’s family reacted to the news that the police officer who shot their son would not be indicted.

Some disturbing words were caught on camera.

Initially in the video Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, is seen standing on a car, shouting that she’s never done anything to hurt anyone and breaking down in tears.

Her husband — Brown’s stepfather — Louis Head climbs up on the car to comfort her, displaying the “I am Mike Brown” T-shirt he’s wearing as he wraps her in a hug.



Then things take a turn.  Head begins shouting, “Burn this bitch down!”



At least one man appears to try to calm Head while others push cameras away from the screaming man, but he continues shouting the call to violence for several seconds.

Watch the video below (content warning: strong language):


In CNN’s report on the video, the outlet stressed the fact that Head is Brown’s stepfather; Brown’s father, Michel Brown Sr., has previously called for peace in Ferguson.

How did Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing Brown’s family, respond to Head’s outburst?

It was “raw emotion” and “completely inappropriate,” Crump told the media.

Watch his remarks below:


Asking that people imagine how they would feel if their son was killed, Crump instructed the media, “Don’t condemn [Head and McSpadden] for being human.”