Michael Brown

Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2014 at 6:05 pm by Diamond Jim




Watch the video of Michael Brown's strong arm robbery and aggressive behavior.  He is 6'4", 300 po9unds.  The video shows him threatening the store owner.  Color is not the question here in Ferguson.  The video plainly shows that regardless of his color the guy was an aggressive criminal.   The police officer was in fear of his life, as you would have been too.  This thug aggressively came at the officer, threw the stolen cigars at the officer, assaulted the officer, and tried to take the officer's gun away.  Michael Brown would not be dead today if he had not stolen $48 worth of cigars and assaulted a police officer.  14 businesses would not have been destroyed if Michael Brown had not stolen $48 worth of cigars and assaulted a police officer.  Michael Brown was a thug.  He alone was responsible for all of the events following HIS poor decisions, HIS poor attitude, and HIS criminal ways.  Now what about justice for all of the business owners and employees who lost most, if not everything, because of Michael Brown's actions?

Let me see how this works.  Follow the logic for a moment.  I commit a robbery, assault a police officer, and get myself killed in the process... and all because of MY poor decisions.  Several of my criminal associates lie to the press, and to any fool who will listen.  They say I was shot in the back... AND in the head... while kneeling with my hands up.  Any fool can figure out that this is not so, as per multiple medical examiner's statements, AND eyewitness descriptions of the entire event, AND extremely heavily scrutinized investigation by a grand jury.  So based on the lies, my uninformed friends, relatives, and various criminal elements riot... breaking into and burning every innocent business in sight... stealing everything in sight... causing devastating physical, psychological, financial, and personal loss to hundreds of innocent persons.  And then my uninformed confederates spread the lies to racist after racist, across the nation... and cause untold damage to thousands of other innocents... not only businesspersons but also employees.  

Let's put the blame exactly where it should be placed... on MICHAEL BROWN!  If Michael Brown had not committed the criminal act of stealing $48 worth of cigars, and then assaulting a police officer, he would not be dead.  HIS criminal ways and HIS inability to make the correct decision are the ONLY things that caused his death.  The responsibility lies directly with him.  Michael Brown caused his own death.  His forcing the hand of this unfortunate rookie police officer was only the vehicle that Brown chose to meet his demise.

And if anyone thinks that justice was not served, and that a criminal should be allowed "rights"... even while committing ongoing criminal acts in front of, and toward, an officer of the law... then he needs to take it to court.  There is a right way and a wrong way to conduct oneself in this country.  Rioting and looting and destroying property of innocents is not legal, is not just, and will not bring justice.  A simple test of who bears the responsibility and blame for all of the events in Ferguson would be to ask oneself this question... If YOU were the convenience store owner OR the police officer involved OR any of the store owners and employees who now find themselves devastated... how would YOU have dealt with Michael Brown... and how would YOU have felt after Michael Brown received the true justice he finally received?  

MY guess is that the vast majority of folks are simply relieved that this rampaging criminal and bully is off the streets.  I know I am.