Melodies in Motion: Fairy tale

Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 11:09 am by Diamond Jim

seiko_clock_-_melodies_in_motion-_fairy_tale.pngMusical wall clock with motion plays six standard melodies on the hour. This fairy tale-themed clock shows a fairy godmother, wand in hand, overlooking a carriage as it races off to be home before midnight. Two small fairies overlook the carriage on its journey. One guides the horse as the other points its wand towards the clock as if trying to turn back time. In the distance (embossed in the background) a palace can be seen over rolling hills cloaked in a starry night.

The Six songs are (Over the Rainbow, The Never Ending Story, I Will Always Love You, Flash Dance [What a Feeling], Beauty and the Beast, Reality)

A perfect clock for a child's room. $325.00