Lack of dining etiquette and upbringing... a disgusting display... loons, goons,

Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 10:07 am by Jim

"I took my family to India's Restaurant yesterday. I've known Mr. Dube, the owner, for years. This is a great place... normally! The food is great at the buffet, but even BETTER off the menu when dining at night. Those who don't know Indian food and fine dining should stay away... and keep your children out as well so they don't ruin the experience for the rest of us who appreciate Mr. Dube, his food, and his staff. Which brings me to yesterday. On Sunday, of all days, the family from hell arrived! There were three children and five adults... all pigs. Food was thrown all over the floor by these children ranging from about 5 to 11... and there were not even any infants. These children were entirely old enough to eat at a restaurant, with manners had they ever been taught, and quietly had they ever been instructed in what was customary in a fine restaurant. Instead, they acted as though they were in a Chucky Cheese Pizza Parlor. They were loud and rambunctious, making all the other diners very uncomfortable. The food was strewn the length of the floor from one end of the double table to the other, both ON the tablecloth as well as on the floor. None of the adults said anything to the children concerning manners, loud talking, climbing on the table, etc. All of the adults overlooked the loud and unmannered children. In addition, they all, adults and children alike, smashed food into the carpets, and not one bent over to pick up a thing. No one at the table paid any attention whatsoever to the mess this group had made. The children were beyond unruly, finally culminating in turning over a glass of water on the wrecked linen-covered table. Only then did the father of the 11 year old say, "Now you know why you should live up to your age." With this sage piece of advice for the 11 year old monster, the entire table finally left, with each of the party smashing more food into the carpet as they left. And to make things worse, Mr. Dube gave BALLOONS to the children. One of these balloons went directly into the face of a very well-known evangelist's mother who was sitting at a table nearby. Balloons for children and fine dining simply do not go together. Several of the tables near us sat in a state of disgust and horror... and disbelief. The mess required two servers to come over to the table, remove the chairs, and get on their hands and knees sweeping with their hands and napkins in order to clean up the mess. We all sat and watched this clean up. And we were dumbfounded. The folks at the table next to us confided that they had been on the brink of leaving. Six of us let Mr. Dube know our thoughts on how utterly disgusting this display was, and how we thought these pigs should have been asked to leave the restaurant early on. The owner, quite embarrassed and apparently not knowing what to say, actually said nothing except to shrug his shoulders and mutter something about "some people..." We all told him that he should have removed them. This is not discrimination, but just plain old common sense. More restaurateurs should begin this policy of policing their restaurants. I'm tired of caps and hats worn while eating, tired of children with no manners, tired of discourteous adults eating while relaxing their feet in chairs next to them, tired of people blowing their noses at the table, tired of watching them eating over their left arms while dropping food all over their own arms and table, and tired of the young flashing buttcracks while eating. I'm even tired of viewing the crusty feet of women wearing thong sandals who choose to remove them at the table and eat barefooted. I've even watched as one young couple changed a diaper in the booth at a table in another restaurant recently!!! This is simply unacceptable. Someone must take a stand against these morons. I just don't want to take it any longer. What do you think? Tell Mr. Dube you expect more, that you will support him in his efforts to control and provide an overall fine dining experience... and get rid of the loons, goons, and balloons!!! Again, great place normally... but it went to hell on Sunday..."