June Birthstone - Alexandrite, Pearl

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 10:50 am by Diamond Jim

june_birthstones.jpgYou may or may not know that June has two birthstones, Pearl and Alexandrite. A pearl is the beautiful opalescent product of an oyster protecting its soft tissues when a tiny grain of sand has found its way into them. Pearls form in both saltwater and freshwater. They enhance personal integrity, and help focus one's attention. Pearls symbolize purity and can stimulate the body and mind. They prepare us for advancing states of wisdom and a clear channel for spiritutal guidance. It has sometimes been called a "stone of sincerity" bringing truth. Another birthstone for June is the Alexandrite. This stone is the perfect birthstone for the zodiac sign Gemini, because it is a stone with two very different sides. By day, the stone has a soft, green tone, but by night, under harsh light it glows purple-red � transforming from a natural, calm entity into one that shouts and blazes. This dramatic color-changing effect ideally suits the split personalities of twins associated with the star sign. It is a form of chrysoberyl. It is said to bring joy and spiritual evolvement. According to Robert Simmons, "The Book of Stones", it "embodies the green of the heart and the purple of the higher mind". It is also said this stone helps one to move beyond grief. Hope you are now more informed on these birthstones.