Jewelry Organizers

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 5:18 pm by Diamond Jim

red_jewelry_organizer.jpg red_cocktail_shoe_organizer.jpgThe Cocktail Party Collection. Miniature Mannequins wearing elaborate evening dresses that were once worn by socialites of a bygone era. Each mannequin organizer has a striking color scheme with jewels and detail. The dresses that these mannequins are wearing were meant for girls who wanted to be seen. The mannequin body is made similar to the full-size mannequins in department stores.  Decorative metal bars exit the arms and head area where jewelry is to be displayed. The mannequin and high heel collection get you ready for a night on the town. These sophisticated and elegant organizers make your jewelry sparkle and shine with luxury! The mannequins are available in white, black, brown and red and are $60. The shoe holder is $40.