Jewelry 101: But I CAN Get A Diamond On The Internet Cheaper... or CAN I?

Posted on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 11:17 am by Jim

Yes, you CAN get a diamond on the internet cheaper. BUT BEWARE OF BUYING A "PIG IN A POKE"...

#1 Remember, you are buying a feeling that will have history. Instead of debating symmetry or other technicalities, get back to the basics! When are you getting married? How did you meet? How did you determine what shape or size of diamond you want? How and why did you come about the diamond? What will be the history of this stone? Will she remember that you got it on the cheap and that it was the best price although the stone was not exactly what she wanted? Or do you want her to know that YOU took the extra step of purchasing HER diamond from a bona fide professional in a jewelry store, that you personally received the correct training and explanations regarding the 4Cs, that you made the decision on that perfect diamond for her with your diamond expert's assistance, and that she can recall and relate the experience forever? Do you really want the memory of getting married in a fast food joint... or showing photos of the wedding that were taken on your iPhone... or spending your honeymoon in a $39.95 room that was only a 3 block walk from the ocean? I don't think so. Then why go cheap regarding the diamond purchase, excluding any memories of this first and most important and lasting part of the marriage... and also take the risk of getting less than you thought you were getting? The internet has no feeling for you or what you want, and the bad memory of getting it on the cheap with no memories of actually locating and selecting the diamond will live in infamy forever!

#2 A diamond is more than letters and numbers. It is a work of nature. If I gave you all the dimensions of a woman could you tell me if she is beautiful? NO!!! You need to see her. Same as with a diamond.

#3 Our store lets you examine the diamond BEFORE you buy it, and you can compare to other diamonds. Our store provides a selection to choose from. No diamond dealer in the world buys a stone without seeing it! Why should you?

#4 Ask the internet site WHERE the inclusion is. How bright the stone is? What is the quality of rough? Is it hazy? All these things translate to value and are not easily discernible to the untrained eye. If you do not know them when you buy a diamond on-line then you do not know if you are getting value.

#5 Retail prices on a 1.00 carat round F/SI1 can range from a few thousand to almost $10,000. Why? Even with GIA certificates there are degrees within GRADES! Many times a good SI1 is even better than a bad VS2!!!! There are so many diamond qualities that are NOT listed on the cert... brightness, scintillation, position and relief of inclusions that determine beauty. These are not listed on a GIA cert or on a web site!

#6 If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. No one is giving anything away. There is usually a reason something is below market value. Get the stone on the internet and bring it in. Many stones are just listed and do not even really exist.

#7 When you buy for price that is all you get. This is a life long position. This is maybe the most precious item you will ever own. It means something. Make it special. Internet sites come and go but a diamond is forever. John Ruskin said, "There is nothing in the world that some men cannot make worse and sell cheaper. And those who see only price are this man's lawful prey!"

#8 A diamond is forever. Who are you going to go to if there is a chip, or a problem? The internet site will not provide maintenance, experience, or service. When you buy from a jeweler you are purchasing his time and expertise. We give you an appraisal and guarantee. We provide a mounting and keep your jewelry clean and in good condition for as long as you own the piece.

#9 DeBeers sorts their rough diamonds into over a thousand different categories. If the only thing that differentiated diamonds was D-Z color and F to I3 clarity there would only be a few categories. There is a LARGE range of colors and clarities WITHIN each category that the internet site will not disclose to you.

#10 Unfortunately, sellers of diamonds are not always looked upon as beacons of honesty. There have been stories of fake certificates, moreover, real certificates sold with diamonds that did not match the certificates. Pineforest Jewelry provides you with trust that enables you to avoid the entire headache.