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Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 12:17 pm by Diamond Jim


As each of you knows, I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to experience new cuisine as well as experience various and surprising culinary delights wherever I go.  So this is ONE experience that I want to pass on to everyone using one of my normally highly referred Groupons.  It was, in fact, a VERY surprising experience.  The following comes from the Groupon review I returned regarding this particular restaurant.

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This is the sorriest excuse for a "restaurant" I have visited in Houston.  The place is located in a horrible shopping center location, in a horrible neighborhood.  It is NOT an Indian restaurant, but an "Indo-Pak" restaurant... which means extremely bad Pakistani posing as Indian in this case.  The name is used to "sucker" one in under false pretenses of being Indian.  The food was extremely hot, vinegary, and otherwise tasteless.  This was NOTHING akin to good Indian food.  Not one thing we ordered was fit for human consumption.  Strangely, there is an "Indian" restaurant in the same shopping center which reportedly is quite good.  While eating at "Indian Sizzler", a huge misnomer, we had to listen to social misfits yelling outside on the sidewalk.  There were at least half a dozen hooded, backpack-wearing drug dealers at the convenience store next door, young gangster types everywhere, and even a wandering woman holding up traffic in the parking area... wearing some kind of big-bunny house shoes and carrying a large bag... apparently a local suffering from mental health issues.  This was absolutely the worst meal ever purchased through Groupon.  I fault Groupon to a degree for having solicited this place for inclusion in its family of restaurants.  What can we expect in the future after this?

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Everything was terrible.  In general, everything seemed to carry an overriding taste of vinegar and HOT... with NO sense of herbs and spices as is customary with delicately-prepared Indian food. And the papadum was especially an experience.  It was actually greasy… complete with hair!  I broke a piece in half and a very long, black hair held it together.  My family saw this, cringed slightly, but continued to eat the other papadum.  We all know that this CAN happen, and in and of itself is not enough to ruin a meal.  However, in this particular situation it DID have a tendency to carry more weight... no pun intended regarding the size of the hair.  I quietly waited until the waitress showed again.  I passed it to the waitress who actually stared at it, peeled it out of the papadum tableside, threw it on the floor, smiled, said nothing, and returned to the kitchen.  The tamarind chutney was so bad as to be unrecognizable. It simply had an overriding taste of vinegar, as did most of the meal.  The onion naan was barely edible, and tasteless.  The chicken in the korma was tough enough that it would not release from the bones and joints which had been served in a vinegary sauce, which had to be picked out of the sauce by fingers... which was, again, nearly inedible.  The beef and vegetable somosas were tasteless and greasy.  The shrimp biryani was served... and we were speechless.  The small shrimp were served in the mess with tails on.  It was the worst biryani ever.  We observed that we were served NO rice for the chicken korma, which was sitting on the table throughout most of the meal.  We had  ordered rice... but it came only after the meal was nearly finished.  The rice was plain, with only some coriander topping it... not peas pullao or other rice dish.  Incredibly, we were charged an extra $4 for this quarter's worth of tasteless rice.  I've made better rice with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind me.  Nothing beats a bit of butter, salt, pepper, and a bit of parsley, onions, and/or peas.  The saag paneer was unbelievably sorry.  Suffice it to say that I have NEVER had worse saag paneer.  I should mention here that there was no wait help there with the exception of a young waitress, extremely quiet, very little training in the way of verbal interchange with customers, and basically without any skills whatsoever.  I will say that she was nice and had a pleasant smile.  We ate on tables one would expect in a cheap diner, with no tablecloths or any other "frills".   The table next to us was in need of bussing throughout our entire meal.  The eating utensils were exactly what would be expected from a cheap Pakistani restaurant... or motel... and spotted.  The ONLY redeeming part of the meal was being able to say that this experience was finally over as we walked out.  I have always looked at the bright side of things, and have stated that without bad experiences one could not appreciate the good ones.  This would now be entered into the "bad experiences" column of each of our culinary histories.

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Move to another location.  Change your name to Pakistani Sizzler.  Eat at literally ANY other Indian restaurant in the city to taste good food.  Create a menu from any of a great number of Indian cookbooks (I cook... and could not imagine creating dishes for the public as bad as what I paid for here.)  Hire a chef, or train one in culinary arts.  Create a menu of something other than a typed list with prices scratched out and higher prices written in... and without the supplementary list of additional (but normally expected) items found in most Indian restaurants.  NEVER add a "tip" to a bill.  I believe in tipping the wait person, which in this case would have been the ONLY person to receive anything.  But I do not want the restaurant, especially in this case, to assume that I will pay 18%, and even add it to the bill.  This is unconscionable in this country... and simply shows the culture I am describing here.  I would have paid MORE than the 18% gratuity, as I normally do.  However, I was so disenchanted with the entire experience as to leave it alone, pay, and leave.  The overall experience was terrible... and we will NEVER return.  And now my only true regret is that I failed to take photos to complement this review.

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Although this review regards a Pakistani restaurant, and not Indian, the cuisine is similar.  So not to be offensive to Indian cuisine, as I LOVE Indian food, I still want to refer you readers to the hilarious video posted on my site concerning one man's trip to the Indian buffet... click here...