I'll Buy A Tank Of Gas for Doris...

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 8:36 am by Jim

Still posted on Google Reviews from last year:
"Doris - Nov 6, 2010
diamond stud earrings I went in to see what Pine forest jewelry would give me for my diamond earrings. I was greeted by a quiet teenager, she took the earrings to the back, and 2 people looked at them, while i stood there i was glanced at several times like i was a convict. Never once was i greeted by anyone other than the teenager. Poor business habit! I would not go to this establishment again. The price that was finally quoted was not enough for me to get a tank of gas in my car. I have papers stating that my earrings were well into the low thousands."

Response from the owner (Diamond Jim)
"My CUSTOMERS love Pineforest Jewelry. Those living "on the edge" so to speak are many times disgruntled over offers made on jewelry that was purchased elsewhere. First question to ask is, why was Doris selling her fine diamond earrings here instead of at the mall or the department store where she purchased her fine earrings? The answer: because they did not want them! We pay high prices for gold and silver scrap... as well as for quality diamonds. As an appraiser I can categorically state that her papers had absolutely no importance whatsoever regarding what the scrap value is. If she paid too much at the mall or the department store, that is a shame. But to accuse us of treating her as a convict ONLY shows that she felt guilty about having been placed in a position to have to sell her jewelry. And the insinuation that we quoted too low is simply wrong. It is not only our right to evaluate, but also it is her right to take the jewelry elsewhere if she can get more. I did not post that SHE had a poor attitude because she did not SELL the jewelry. Why would SHE have a poor attitude because I did not want to purchase it... and then post it to Google? I know she is ashamed of having to sell her jewelry... but it simply is not right to blame us for her situation. Had I known that she needed a tank of gas... well... I'm Diamond Jim and I help folks around here... so I would have bought her a tank of gas. And I will still buy her a tank of gas if she needs it... :-)"