Hillary 2012: A move toward succession to the throne

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at 10:05 am by Jim

Who didn't see THIS coming?

There is now some talk about Obama dumping Biden from the 2012 ticket and replacing him with Hillary. First off, Obama is in trouble and he knows it. His base is fleeing. He needs to add someone who socialists want. Hillary fills the ticket. She ran hard against Obama in '08 and there seem to be a lot of liberals who would rather have HER in the White House than HIM. The weirdest part of the scuttlebutt at this point is that Biden and Hillary would swap jobs. Can you even IMAGINE Joe Biden as Secretary of State? Seriously, at this point, the guy can shoot off his mouth with all sorts of inane and crazy blather – and other than making for some entertaining sound bites, it's harmless. But as Secretary of State...he would be sticking our national foot in HIS mouth on the WORLD stage and I suspect, that within days of taking the job, Biden would manage to INSULT at least HALF of our allies. Let's get back to the VP Hillary thing. Here's is what I believe is behind this scuttlebutt. It's another trial balloon set aloft by team Obama to see what the response is. They've done this time and time again. Remember the nut they got to suggest scrapping congressional elections for a few years? The REAL push for this is NOT coming from Obama but from his puppet masters. Soros and the other socialist ilk are now realizing that they're on the verge of losing decades of socialist advances. Obama is polling low and he's in great danger, according to the puppet masters, of not getting a 2nd term. Should THAT happen, socialism in America gets set back...WAY back. If it's not enough to be on the verge of losing the White House, socialists are also on the verge of losing the Senate just as they lost the House in 2010. The Obama string pullers are desperate. They need SOMEONE to as a draw on the ticket. Could there be MORE to this than meets the eye? I suspect there is. I believe that the Soros crowd knows the jig is up or at the very least, they know Obama is in more trouble than falling poll numbers. Several states are passing laws to require a candidate PROVE he or she is eligible to serve and part of that proof would be a long form birth certificate. There are also some pending cases in states' courts relating to Obama's eligibility. IF you're an Obama string puller, you HAVE to cover all the bases. IF Obama doesn't make it onto certain state's ballots...or IF Obama is, at some point found to be ineligible...who can you count on to carry the torch of socialism? Biden?
That guy could screw up a one-car parade. Hillary? Yep. Plus, should Hillary make the jump at any point from running mate to the top of the ticket or VP to POTUS...Biden's Secretary of State days would be over faster than you can say NWO. Let's dig a little deeper shall we? Obama's problems go well beyond eligibility. Solyndra and Fast and Furious are out there looming. Holder is in this Fast and Furious thing DEEP – and do you really think he's going to just fall on his OWN sword? Do you really think Congress is going to be satisfied JUST going as high as Holder if the evidence suggests Fast and Furious went HIGHER up the ladder? Do YOU think Hillary, after such a contentious campaign in '08, being tapped for Secretary of State was nothing but a happy coincidence? Not me. String pullers could obviously see the need to get SOMEBODY who could pull in votes out there on the world stage from the beginning. I believe this has been in the wind since day 1. How else can you now explain the recent exaltations by Obama towards Hillary? Anyone care to take a shot at why CHELSEA Clinton was just hired by NBC? Do you think it's because she's a ace reporter? Let's not forget too, the upcoming Supreme Court showdown over Obamacare. It looks quite likely that the individual mandate will be struck as unconstitutional; and should that be the case, the Supreme Court would be effectively striking the primary funding source from Obamacare. If Obama and the puppet masters think he's polling low NOW...just wait till Obamacare goes up in smoke.
Now...combine Obamacare, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, and possible eligibility issues with a crumbling base, a largely failed or failing foreign policy, a struggling economy, an administration which hasn't passed a budget since they took office, and what I'm about to tell you should come as no great surprise. Obama may well not be the democrat's 2012 nominee. If that were to happen without bringing someone... Hillary... into the mix NOW... ALL would be lost for liberals and socialists.
Remember back in May...Who was front and center in the room when bin Laden was killed and who was off to the side looking small on what was the biggest photo op of this administration's foreign policy? Hillary isn't an added bonus to the liberal 2012 ticket; she's more the fall back candidate for 2012. On the surface, it looks like a socialist dream team, but I don't believe that's the end game at all. I believe it's a move toward succession to the throne.

By Craig Andresen on December 29, 2011 at 7:35 am