Fire Polish To Open Factory In New York

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 at 10:47 am by Diamond Jim

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Pineforest Jewelry is among the first of jewelers nationwide to carry the revolutionary Fire Polish diamond.  Although the factory will not begin formal operation again until the fourth quarter of this year, and full operation by January, 2016, Pineforest does have a supply of these diamonds on hand presently.  A simple technical explanation of what Fire Polish does is this... by the addition of over 300,000 nano prisms spanning the pavilion facet junctions of the diamond, the diamond's fire is increased.  A simple layman's explanation is this... any yellow that exists in the diamond naturally is compensated for by a spectral array of colors...creating FIRE... and FIRE minimizes any yellow in the diamond... while producing a diamond with FIRE and BRILLIANCE like you've never seen before.  And the best part is that you will save money on the Fire Polish diamonds!  You must see them to experience Fire Polish!  Read the article below...

National Jeweler – Fire Polish to open factory in New York


Fire Polish to open factory in New York

April 22, 2015

New York--Diamond company Fire Polish is aiming to open a factory in New York by the end of the year and has signed an exclusive license that allows them to put diffraction gratings on the surface of a diamond.

The brand announced Monday that it has inked an agreement with Cal Tech University that will allow it to cut “nano prisms”--another word for diffraction gratings--on the pavilion of diamonds, increasing the dispersion and scintillation of the stone without changing the stones 4Cs, including carat weight.

Fire Polish said the difference the diffraction gratings make can be seen by the naked eye, “without any of those awkward tools or viewing devices.”

The company also said it is building a factory in New York City that will have a soft opening in the fourth quarter of this year and be in full operation by January 2016.

“By having the exclusive patent licenses and our own factory, we (will) be able to guarantee an interrupted supply of Fire Polish diamonds for the first time,” said Fire Polish Chief Operating Officer Roberto Goldstein.

President and CEO Glenn Markman said Fire Polish, “will continue to change the way consumers look at and ultimately buy their diamonds and diamond jewelry,” calling the brand a “game changer.”

“By having both the exclusive manufacturing license and the exclusive distribution rights we will have complete control of the Fire Polish brand for the first time,” he said.