Dish Network Abuse

Posted on Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 6:02 pm by Diamond Jim


I have been a loyal account of Dish from the inception.  I have NEVER missed a payment, or been late.  With ANY other firm I would be classified as a "AAA" account.  But apparently not with Dish... and I am fuming about my treatment. 

I was called today by John “LIW”, concerning confirmation of the serial numbers, etc. on the equipment provided by Dish.  He said he would call me at my home later.  I told him that I AM at home, due to the fact that I have living quarters inside the building.  We continued with the recitation of the equipment that he was confirming.  It was discovered that I have been paying $7 per month for a fourth receiver that I have not used since I had pancreatic cancer several years ago.  John asked if I wanted to discontinue the service and I told him no.  I stated that my daughter who has an apartment in the building will be returning from the hospital today after neck surgery.  I said I was going to call Dish anyway to order another receiver, but apparently I can simply use the receiver that must be in my storage.  He said that would work.  As the call neared an end, he said that I am in a commercial building and that the account has been billed incorrectly for quite some time.  I explained to him that I have had this conversation many years ago when I first installed Dish, and that the installation is correct.  He said it is not because the building is in a commercial “zone” as per the HCAD.  I told him that I would not argue the point with him, and demanded a supervisor.  Chris was put on the phone and told me that I WOULD be paying a commercial rate due to the fact that this service is in a commercial “zone” according to HCAD.  I told him that this is simply ridiculous.  I told him that I am 67 years of age, and have been in this area long enough to KNOW that the “commercial” zone about which he speaks is actually two lots deep off Uvalde… which is comprised of as many HOMES as BUSINESSES because of the zoning.  However, I asked if all the residents of the homes in this “commercially” zoned area are paying commercial rates.  He would not talk to me about this.  This is outright discrimination!  I repeatedly told him that this is a residence, and not a commercial part of the building.  He told me again and again that he WAS going to shut off service immediately if I did not accept his “ruling” that this is a commercial account.  I demanded time and time again to speak to his supervisor… and he continued to put me off stating that he, in fact, IS the supervisor making this call.  He would only give me an email address.  Although I explained that I wanted to speak to a person with a name, he continued to stonewall me.  I told him that I have NEVER been as mad at someone over the phone as I was at him.  I explained that I would SUE Dish for this as well as blog you out of existence if possible.  This individual is beyond rude.  This is a matter of great concern to me on a very personal level.  I told Chris that these are holiday times, my daughter is coming home from the hospital tomorrow… and will be confined to bed and totally immobilized due to the neck vertebra surgery… and without her TV because of him!  He was intransigent.  He is a total unfeeling jackass and deserves no less than a loss of his job on general principles.  I told him, and I am telling you, that I taped the entire conversation.  He even argued the point that he had given me no authorization to record the call.  I told him that we are in Texas and that only one of the parties to the conversation had to know of the recording.  He continued to tell me that he would cut off my service if I did not authorize the commercial billing.  While we spoke he had the audacity to cut off all my service as I watched!  I told him to do what he had to do and that I would take it up with whoever it is that will be reading this email apparently.  I terminated the conversation and disconnected.

I am going to place this demand before contacting my attorney. 

1)      I demand a formal apology from a real person in charge! 

2)      I want acknowledgment that this is, indeed, residential service.

3)      I want this residential service continued IMMEDIATELY! 

4)      I want credit for any time my service has been interrupted.

5)      I want 6 month credit applied to my account due to your employee’s handling of the situation that HE created!

6)      I want at least the past two years of rent on the receiver that has not been used credited to my account IMMEDIATELY!

7)      I want upgrades on all receivers in my possession!

After what I’ve encountered today with this jerk, I deserve no less!!!

I have been left no recourse.  I have emailed a copy to the Office of Consumer Affairs.  I am placing this unconscionable rudeness on my blog on my  I will place it on Facebook as well.  I will actively search for others who have been treated the same, and organize them.  I will determine grounds for suit, most probably under the DTPA.  My attorney is receiving a copy of this email.  I am mad as hell and am not going to take this.  In addition, I have already contacted my Comcast salesman to prepare for set up in my condo as soon as I finish this email to you!  I will do the same concerning my lake house. 

I demand to be contacted by a human being from Dish, if that person exists, who has the understanding, empathy, power, AND responsibility to correct this obvious gross injustice… TODAY!