Desecration of WWII British Military Cemetery in Libya

Posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 2:55 pm by Diamond Jim

Don't use the term "Islamic Terrorist"?  Don't use the term "Radical Islam"?  Just what do you want to call this bunch of backward jihadists that are desecrating this cemetery in Libya?  These are subhuman beings that have no idea of what the word civilized means.  Watch the video.  Then count the "good Muslims" in it.  I KNOW they must be there somewhere, because all I hear from the left is... "but what about defaming the good Muslims" when you use such names as "Islamic Terrorists"?  Well, stand up "good Muslims"!  Let's hear from you... before the backlash takes the entire Muslim world down... and the "good Muslims" with it!!!

Desecration of WWII Cemetery in Libya

World War II Cemetery