Annie Laurie Gaylor

Posted on Sunday, March 17th, 2013 at 7:03 pm by Diamond Jim


Notes from a Fox viewer regarding Laura Ingraham’s interview with the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Annie Laurie Gaylor:

Annie Laurie Gaylor was centered, poised, and tolerant of the rude, disingenuous, sarcastic, and generally nasty Laura Ingraham on your show.  Laura’s sarcasm was extremely unsettling and so far over the edge that I truly was embarrassed for her, and felt sorry for her.  Her extreme and seething hatred of Annie was evident throughout the segment.  Philosophically, emotionally, and intellectually, Laura was bankrupt during the conversation.  Even though Annie is not a polished talk show host, Annie’s focus and directed intellect and poise armed her with enough of an arsenal to defeat Laura, mainly because Laura’s intransigence and inability to handle Annie on an intellectual level caused Laura to defeat herself.  Apparently, Laura’s only purpose was to make a fool of Annie, as well as all of the thinking Americans who choose not to believe.  Laura, again, presented herself in the best light of the organized religionists in this country… cruel, vindictive, closed-minded, intolerant, arrogant, pseudo-intellectual but sadly misinformed… and with the typical self-righteous indignation which identifies the radical religious right.  Her truly “below the belt” shots at Annie… from asking how many people are in her camp (as if numbers are what matters here; I thought Galileo was in the minority also, and I thought this nation was founded by a minority of thinkers who developed the idea of representative democracy)… to asking how many non-religionists are charitable persons and care about others (as if only religionists care about their fellow man or become involved in “service”.)  I have been a non religious person all my life.  I have dealt with the constant assault of organized religion all my life.  I remember when “Under God” was forced upon me in the fifth grade, and the coinage began to carry “In God We Trust”.  I KNOW what the historicity of Christ is.  I have studied comparative religion, and understand why so very many doctorates in theology are not Christian.  I’ve studied gods, including Dionysus, all of whom were sired by a god who mated with a human.  The story of Isis, Osiris, and Horus predating Christianity should be studied more closely by Laura.  Laura’s emotions get in the way of her common sense and intellect.  Christianity has taken over every major holiday in the United States with the sole exception of Halloween.  Christmas is the pagan day of the winter solstice, not the birth of Jesus.  The holiday is now celebrated with the pagans’ evergreen, a symbol of the “rebirth” of the land bringing forth the renewal of all things green, and production of crops.  The same history can be shown during the equinox which was also taken over by the Christians.  Death and resurrection legends existed centuries before Christianity, and were simply grafted onto the Jesus myths as history proves.  The stories are old, worn, and proven to be without merit… and Laura should be ashamed of herself for, at the very least, being self-righteously indignant in her ignorance.

The “spin stops here” should NOT be used at the end of a Bill O’Reilly show in which Laura Ingraham spins the emotions and fictitious history as she did this evening.  In this context, even her over-sized cross hanging from her neck becomes offensive as a proof of her fanaticism instead of simply the piece of jewelry that it should be.  She ends up wearing her ignorance as a badge.

Had Laura informed herself even the slightest regarding the historicity of Christ, history of Christianity, the evolution of Christianity, comparative religion, and actual demographics concerning religion, she would have known how foolish and misinformed she is.  Unfortunately, this is THE problem with your show, and Hannity.  I tolerate your views on religion MUCH more than you tolerate those views of others who are not Christian, or not even religious for that matter.  I am also an educated person, conservative, American, hard-working.  I am a Rotarian, and raise more funding every day of my life in “service” than the average church-going Christian.  I am not a hypocrite as is the majority of those on the front pew every Sunday.  I am deeply offended by the slurs, innuendoes, and insinuations in Laura’s tirade against Annie… and against all those who are thinkers and non-believers.  Annie deserved better than this.  Your show deserves better than this.

I have supported you, and all of the others at FOX even when FOX runs this sordid, uncomfortable, anti-intellectual sort of offense against non-Christians.  THIS is the only problem with FOX News, and THIS is the reason you will not be able to pull together the massive amount of Tea Party adherents you need to align with the Republican Party to WIN in 2010 & 2012.  It would be a hands-down victory if you folks at FOX could get past the religion which is so thick in the air there.  Read the 1st Amendment, and try harder to bring Americans together rather than to alienate those who see religion as the problem and not the solution.

I’ve read your books.  I wear your hats.  I like your show.  But I watch in spite of your Catholicism and intransigence concerning choice.  But I don’t put you down as Laura did Annie.  I take your views into consideration, and overlook them when I KNOW you are not informed on the subject of religion, and spew them from dogma, rote, and serious indoctrination from which you seemingly cannot make a break.  It is too bad that you, Laura, Sean, and Huckabee can’t overcome the indoctrination.  But I do overlook it to the extent that I am able.  Also, I think YOU and Sarah Palin should be cabinet members under the administration of President Glenn Beck and VP Mike Huckabee.  Now how’s THAT for a winning team???  Keep up the good work, but let up on the religious kick, please.

Sorry I couldn’t be pithy regarding this subject.  ☺