Abdul's Chinese Buffet... and Wan Lee's Polish Bar & Grill

Posted on Sunday, March 4th, 2012 at 8:41 pm by Jim

My granddaughter had a birthday. She turned 14, and has a penchant for various and exciting culinary delights. So we decided to take her out for a GREAT dinner. Although she had strongly indicated that she wanted to eat at a special Brazilian steakhouse, I, grandpa Diamond Jim, told her that I wanted to take her to my friend, Abdul's, Chinese Buffet instead. She didn't say much other than a less than enthusiastic "OK". I could tell she was not excited about Abdul's. But grandpa was springing for it, so she went along. My wife and I began to try to pump her up about this culinary delight. I told her that Abdul was a friend of mine who had failed in his Mediterranean Restaurant, but had gotten a deal on a Chinese Buffet. I told her that it was VERY unique, in that it was a Chinese restaurant owned and managed by an Arabic gentleman... and ALL the cooks were hispanic... but that the food was a great mix between Chinese and Mediterranean. I told her that Abdul used a very unique green dip for his egg rolls... very similar to that that found in some Indian restaurants. She was not impressed... but she hung in there... nearly expressionless, but nevertheless with a stiff upper lip. As our family drove to the restaurant she was relentless in her texting. I can only guess what was being said. I continued to "impress" her. I told her the egg rolls would seem quite soggy due to the flour used... but that the veggies in the egg rolls were VERY crisp! And VERY good with the strange green dip. I continued that this Chinese Buffet would take a bit of getting used to... but that Abdul's place was really worth it... especially at $6.99 per person!!! Still she was not impressed... but she remained strong and didn't say much of anything. She didn't want to hurt my feelings. As she continued texting a friend... telling her God knows what about this most recent foray into one of her grandpa's dining experiences... and what she predicted she was in for... I pulled into Fogo de Chão... the very best Brazilian Steak House in the city. Fogo de Chão greets guests with their signature blue tower featuring an authentic fogo de chão – the type of ground fire originally used in the process of cooking Brazilian meat. Fogo features a grand dining area with high ceilings, natural Austin stone walls, and artwork representing the gaucho lifestyle and culture in Southern Brazil. She was elated... and couldn't couldn't stop talking about how depressed she had been about Abdul's... and how she simply remained quiet thinking that she simply wouldn't be very hungry when we arrived at Abdul's... and what a great surprise Fogo had been! It was great watching her face light up! I guess I'll surprise her some other time with my Chinese friend Wan Lee's authentic Polish Bar & Grill with his signature skewered Polish hog's head sausage and spinach leaf ... :-)